Blanket Chic: How to Pull Off the Blanket Scarf Look

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

As the cooler weather begins to move in, fashionistas are turning to blanket scarves as a means to stay warm in style. The versatility of the blanket scarf is one of the main reasons why this must-have accessory has become one of the hottest trends of the fall and winter season. While style bloggers and fashion magazine models make wearing this popular garment look effortless, you might be intimidated to “tame” the many folds of the blanket scarf. So, below are some tips to help you pull off the blanket scarf look without pulling out your hair in the process.

1. The Handkerchief Fold

This is one of the most tried-and-true folds for blanket scarves. Take one corner of the blanket scarf and fold it over so that it matches the opposite corner, making a large triangle. Now hold the scarf in front of you by two of the corners, so that one point of the triangle is hanging directly down, pointing at the floor. You may need to gather the two top corners in each hand somewhat by twisting or folding them over one time.

Now criss-crossing the two top corners at the back of your neck, allow them to drape back over the front of your body where the bulk of the triangle should now be hanging. You can choose to tuck each of the ends underneath the main area of the scarf, or leave them hanging down. Stand in front of a mirror and shape up the scarf as needed.

2. The Infinity Scarf

Fold your blanket scarf into the same triangle shape described above, but this time tie the top corners of the triangle into a knot (it doesn’t have to be super-tight). Drape the scarf over your neck like a necklace, letting the bulk of the scarf hang down in front of you. At this point, you are obviously going to have a large opening in the scarf, so hold it out in front of you and fold it over in a twisting motion one time, making another opening. If you’ve done it right, the scarf should look similar to the shape of the number 8.

Now fold the scarf towards you so that your head goes through the additional opening, basically doubling the layering of the scarf around your neck. Play with the shape a little bit until it looks right, tucking in any odd corners to create a relatively seamless or uniform look. This particular shape is perfect if you want to slightly tuck the scarf into a jacket or coat.

3. The Traditional Look

Fold your blanket scarf in half, creating a rectangle. Now scrunch it up and drape it over your neck, so that both ends of the scarf are basically even when hanging down. This is another style where you can wear a jacket over the scarf, but have the scarf slightly “peeking” out by fluffing it up a little bit around your neck.

Additional Tips

Cosmopolitan has an excellent article (with photos and videos) that shows you 12 different ways to wear a blanket scarf here. Also check out for tips on not only how to fold or wear your blanket scarf, but what outfits will look great with it.