How to Define Your Personal Style and Only Buy the Clothes You Love

Find Your Own Style

Learning how to define your own personal style is not always easy, and at times it can feel like you’re trying to hit a moving target. After all, like most people you probably appreciate a wide range of styles, which makes it all the more difficult to nail down the wardrobe choices that will really give expression to your fashion preferences. If you’re having trouble adding pieces to your closet that scream “This is ME!!!”, try these tips to help you discover and refine your sense of personal style, so you only buy the clothes that you love – and feel totally confident doing it.

Seek inspiration via multiple style icons.

Odds are, there’s probably not one single style icon who fully represents your personal taste, but if you combine the qualities of several different fashion-forward trendsetters, you can create a style menagerie that really resonates with you. For example, after scouring the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for style ideas, you might settle on a heaping dose of Chiara Ferragni with a touch of Aimee Song, sprinkled with some Kristina Bazan for good measure. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources is one of the best ways to begin discovering and refining your preferences.

Give your style a name.

No matter which particular look or style appeals to you, there’s probably some type of term already invented to describe it. Your job is to narrow down a selection of words that most accurately describes your style, so that you can give it a name. Is your style edgy, classic, ultra-feminine, uptown chic, bohemian, or conservative? Whatever words best fit the description, write them down, and refer to them often to help you define and give shape to your look.

Recognize recurring themes in your wardrobe.

Take a fresh, intentional look at your closet – you might notice that there are quite a few recurring themes among the pieces you own. Maybe you have a thing for rhinestones, or perhaps you’re all about the stripes. Maybe you gravitate towards certain colors or materials, and without even thinking about it, you assemble your wardrobe accordingly. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to accept those tendencies as signature staples of your wardrobe, and important elements of your fashion foundation. As long as it complements your overall look and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, go for it!

Choose pieces that play to your strengths.

Picking pieces that play up your most prized assets is an important part of being in harmony with what you’re wearing, which will help you develop a greater sense of personal style. By choosing outfits that flatter your figure and enhance your best features, you’ll boost your confidence in your wardrobe selections, and it will show.

Memorialize winning outfits with a selfie.

More than likely, there’s been at least a few times in the past where you headed out the door feeling like you hit the fashion bullseye. Any time you manage to create a look that represents your most stylish self, snap a quick selfie to memorialize the achievement. Not only will it help you build confidence in your ability to assemble a winning ensemble, but it can also serve as an important reference point for future wardrobe choices and spin-offs.

To thine own self be true.

At the end of the day, deep down you always know whether or not you really like a particular piece or outfit. Strip away the expectations of others, the notions of what you “should” wear, or any other ideas that actually come more from the outside than from your own heart and mind. Experiment with different combinations, textures, patterns, shoes, and accessories, and let the choices that make you feel most like your authentic self rise to the top. If you do this, you’ll end up with a personal style that truly reflects who you are, and it’ll be beautiful!