Spring Has Sprung: Update Your Wardrobe This Season

An attractive woman sitting on a bench wearing a floral dress that's perfect for spring!

Spring has officially sprung, and as you’ve probably already been thinking, it’s time for your wardrobe to follow suit. While most of us know that the spring season brings a brighter, more refreshing look, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down which wardrobe pieces should be considered as closet staples for this time of year. Below are some of the best moves you can make to properly update your wardrobe for the spring season.

1. Try Tribal Prints

Tribal motifs are emerging on runways across the world this spring, with fashion luminaries such as Michael Kors lending major credibility to this burgeoning trend. You can go for neutral tones to mesh well with your workplace basics, and this style can invigorate a casual ensemble as well. A great example of the global appeal of this style can be seen in this tribal print mini dress from Forever21.

2. Dive Deep Into Ocean Tones

Cool blue took center stage at famed Italian designer Missoni’s show, and with the ocean-inspired vibe of this color family, it’s easy to see why this look is a must-add to your spring wardrobe. For example, this ombre wash dolphin hem knit tee from Forever21 exudes plenty of panache for the spring season.

3. Go Bolder with Off-the-Shoulder

Cold shoulder tops are still pretty much everything right now, so if you want to make sure that your spring wardrobe is on point, you have to add this indispensable look to your closet. They’re the ideal piece to help you transition from winter into the warmer months, and they come in so many different styles and colors that the possibilities are virtually endless. Rainbow has dozens of fantastic cold shoulder looks for the spring season, such as this cold shoulder tank top with lace front, or this off-the-shoulder crochet trim top with smocked waist.

4. Culottes Remain Hot

Culottes are exceptionally versatile, and while this famous fashion staple has fallen in and out of favor many times before, the latest iteration of these ubiquitous cropped pants has propelled the look into “closet mainstay” status. Case in point: These metallic pleated culottes from Forever21 combined with a strapless crop top and strappy heels will slay all day.

5. Bright is Right

Bright pants parallel the cheerful nature of the spring season. You can go for purple, red, yellow, emerald green, or basically any type of vibrant color that can really make your ensemble “pop”. For example, these cardinal red Tommy Hilfiger Greenwich sateen skinny pants from Macy’s can probably be paired with a variety of basics that you already own, and they can make quite a visual statement for the spring season.

6. It’s Immoral to Forget Floral

Spring and floral prints have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly, and if you want to create the consummate spring wardrobe, there’s no way you can forget your floral staples. Pieces such as this sleeveless floral maxi print dress from Rainbow, this floral off-the-shoulder dress from Forever21 or this Nine West floral print fit-and-flare dress from Macy’s illustrate the wide range of styles that are “in bloom” this spring.

You don’t have to be stuck in neutral when it comes to making seasonal wardrobe changes. Use the tips outlined above to give you a good head start on your fashion must-haves for the spring season!