Summer Feet – Keep Your Feet Happy and Blister-Free With These Tips

Summer Foot Care

Now that summertime is here, your feet will be on display more than usual, so you want to make sure that they’re looking their best. This is easier said than done, because when your tootsies are braving the elements such as sand, concrete and exposure to intense sunlight, they can go from picture-perfect to unsightly in fairly short order. Below are some simple tips to help you keep your feet happy and blister-free during the summer months.

1. Use sunscreen on your feet.

Unfortunately, feet don’t typically get much sunscreen love, but you have to be mindful not to make this mistake. And it’s not just about your skin–remember that your nails are vulnerable as well! Look for a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 30, and apply generously.

2. The pumice stone is your best friend.

Whenever you’re in the shower, a pumice stone can work wonders on the bottoms of rough or calloused feet. Just remember to scrub gently over the areas where the skin is soft, and a little harder on those stubborn spots.

3. Exfoliate your feet at least once a week.

Exfoliating your feet will help you get rid of dry, dead skin cells, speed up the process of skin renewal and allow new cells to emerge in their place. Not only that, but also when those dead skin cells have been removed, your moisturizer will be able to do its job more effectively. Many beauty experts recommend using a sugar scrub in lieu of its salt-based counterpart, because it allows the feet to retain more moisture.

4. Moisturize like there’s no tomorrow.

Summer heat is a moisture vampire, leaving your feet prone to dehydration. Moisturize your feet on a frequent basis, especially right after you get out of the shower, as this is one of the best times to seal in the moisture that your feet were just soaking in. Your heels in particular tend to dry out quicker than the other parts of your feet, so be sure to double up on that area in order to lock in moisture.

5. Practice blister prevention techniques.

When temperatures begin to rise, feet start sweating and even swelling a little, creating prime conditions for blisters to form. This is especially true when wearing those cute strappy wedges you just bought at the mall. Consider wearing flat, comfortable shoes if you’re going to be out and about in the sun for a long period of time. If you simply must wear your sandals, you can place adhesive bandages over spots on your feet you know will be irritated, and tape your second and third toes together for extra comfort.