What to Wear to Work This Season

TriCounty Oct Work

Most of us have no problem expressing our own sense of style in our casual fashion choices, but when it comes to choosing clothes for the workplace, we can have a tendency to get stuck. If you’re looking for some ideas for work clothes that will be both stylish and HR-friendly, consider the following workplace fashion choices for this fall season.

1. The Skirt Suit

The first hints of the resurgence of this classic 90’s power outfit (a la Ally McBeal) emerged on runways back in February, but now with the help of luminaries such as Beyoncé, there’s plenty of push behind bringing the skirt suit back into view for the fall. You can try a slate gray color with a bright red or pale pink blouse underneath to make a lasting (and stylish) impression.

2. It’s All About the Trousers

Whether your workplace is very laid back or quite restrictive, trousers are always a safe bet for accommodating a variety of office environments. For a classic feel, you can add a couple of neutrals (e.g., black or navy) to your trouser choices, but if office protocol allows, you can also brighten up your workplace look with a stand-out hue like red or true blue. Some great examples of trousers that offer a stylish and figure-flattering look are these Style & Co. stretch wide-leg pants or these knit wide-leg trousers from Alfani, both of which are available at Macy’s. When paired with a smart blouse or turtleneck sweater and a sleek pair of single-sole pumps, you’ll have an outfit that is equal parts elegant and chic.

3. Micro-Pleat Skirts Are a Must Have

From Instagram mavens to New York Fashion Week style icons, fashionistas who are in the know are fawning over micro-pleated skirts this fall. There are several great reasons to own this key wardrobe piece: Micro-pleat skirts are photogenic (cue those Instagram posts), they travel well, and they’re quite springy and resilient. When paired with a comfy sweater and some ankle boots, you have an office-ready outfit that pops.

4. The A-Line Skirt

This classic staple is perennially on-trend, looks good on nearly all body types, and can work wonders in terms of emphasizing your waist. Knee-length A-line skirts in particular are versatile enough to be worn in practically any professional environment, and they can be handily coupled with a sweater or a shirt. Try some boots or mid-heel shoes to complete the look.

5. Prints and Patterns Are the Name of the Game

Boring is always a bust. You can liven up your look with polished patterns such as paisley, plaid and pinstripes, or even a judicious mix of multiple patterns. To add instant sophistication to your workweek look, try jacquard or foulard to provide a sleek combination of visually interesting patterns and bold textures.

We get it – when the mercury begins to drop, dressing for work can sometimes feel a little less than inspiring. Just keep the above outfit ideas in mind to help get your creative juices flowing. There are so many potential combinations here; you really can’t run out of ideas to experiment with in order to create a fashion-forward office ensemble.