Fashionably Warm: How to Go Outside Without Losing Your Style

Fashionably Warm

The winter months bring colder temperatures, which can sometimes pose a challenge to your fashion sensibilities. After all, nobody wants to freeze for the sake of looking good, but bundling up in your old trusty hoodie and that frumpy coat you’ve had since high school just isn’t going to cut it. If you want to be able to go outside in the wintry weather without losing your style, try these suggestions to keep your fashion game on point even in the cold.

  1. Layer your clothes.

This seems like a no-brainer, but when you’re accustomed to reaching for the thick ski jackets or snow boots, it can be easy to forget that there’s more than one way to stay warm in frigid weather. Try layering with undershirts, long tops (which you can tuck in), thick tights, etc. Not only will layering make your wardrobe more visually interesting, but it can allow you to wear thinner garments that you wouldn’t normally think of breaking out during the winter months.

  1. Hats are where it’s at.

Hats have become quite the trendy item this winter season, and fashionistas and style bloggers the world over are donning vintage hats, fur hats, big hats, knit hats and dozens of other styles to further confirm this stylish yet very functional trend.

There are countless types of hats available, from the super-trendy Russian fur ear-hats (a.k.a. ushankas) to the demure, Great Gatsby-inspired cloche hats that have made quite a comeback this year. The good thing about it is that having on a stylish hat will not only add some extra panache to your wardrobe, but it will keep your head warm and protect your hair and scalp from the ravages of cold air.

  1. Show your hands some love with stylish gloves.

You don’t have to accessorize your winter wear with dull, boring or unimaginative gloves. Add a splash of color by choosing gloves with solid blocks of red, pink, purple, etc., or even shoot for an animal print such as leopard.

As far as mittens go, we all know that texting with traditional mittens is a fool’s errand, so you’re going to need some gloves that are versatile enough to afford you functionality along with warmth. Try Forever 21’s cable-knit convertible gloves, which feature a fingerless design (so you can easily use your phone) along with an attached foldable flap top so that they can double as mittens when you need more warmth. These gloves also offer excellent length, keeping your wrists and lower arms nice and cozy and protecting them from the bone-chilling air that can creep into the sleeves of your coat.

  1. Everything’s better with a soft, warm sweater.

Do you ever see a day when cashmere, angora or mohair will cease to be stylish? We don’t either. Sweaters made from these fine natural materials (goat or rabbit hair) are not only cozy and warm, but they can also complement a very wide range of winter outfits, making them a must-have for your wardrobe during the cold months.

You don’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort for style this winter. Use the ideas listed above to put together stylish and warm outfits that will keep you looking good all season long!