Insider Info: How to Stay In-the-Know with Your Favorite Stores, From Sales to New Styles

Insider Info

If you’ve been looking for ways to take your fashion deal-hunting skills to the next level, there are several insider tricks and tips you can use to stay in-the-know regarding what your favorite stores are up to, and what new styles may be hitting the racks this season. Below are five great ways to stay in the loop and boost your shopping game to ninja status.

  1. If your favorite store offers an email newsletter, sign up for it.

Most major retailers offer some type of email newsletter that you can sign up for through their website, and quite often they’ll include a promo code or special discount just for signing up. Not only will you be able to save some money off your next purchase, but you’ll also receive advance notice of special promotions or secret sales straight to your inbox.

  1. Follow your favorite stores on social media.

Stores will often offer exclusive promotions or coupon codes through their social media accounts, so be sure to follow your favorite fashion hot-spots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so forth. Many major brands will run various contests on social media as well (e.g., “like to win” contests, photo or video contests, etc.) to dole out additional rewards to loyal fans and followers.

Not only can you score some great money-saving deals (or possibly a contest prize), but you can stay in-the-know regarding new styles, since social media accounts are often one of the first places that brands will debut new fashion collections or product lines.

  1. Check popular coupon code websites.

Many stores will run exclusive promotions through major coupon code websites such as RetailMeNot, FatWallet or, so it’s always worth it to scour those sites before settling in on a purchase. RetailMeNot alone offers coupon codes for over 50,000 different stores, so there are plenty of deals to be discovered if you do a little homework before making a purchase.

  1. Find out the inventory schedules for your favorite stores.

If there are certain stores that you visit on a regular basis, take a moment to talk with the manager and find out what day of the week they get in new merchandise. Many times, retailers will move their older clothing to the back of the store–and put it on sale–to make way for new inventory shipments.

  1. Download smartphone apps for your favorite stores.

Almost every major retailer now has a smartphone app of some kind, and these handy shopping aids can give you a leg up on special deals, as well as timely updates regarding the latest fashion styles and trends. The uber-popular clothing retailer Forever 21 is a great example of this; the brand just recently launched a custom shopping app available on iTunes and Google Play. This versatile mobile application allows you to browse through their vast collection of fashion goodies and shop for the hottest new clothing with only a few taps of the screen.

Alright, you’ve got what you need to shop smarter and score fantastic deals at your favorite stores. Now go forth and conquer!