How to Make Switching Between Bags and Purses a Breeze

Switching Purses

It’s a dilemma that confronts nearly every woman: How in the world do you frequently switch between bags and purses without pulling your hair out? After all, if you’re trying to maintain a decent level of fashion-consciousness, you may not be willing to go the “one-bag-fits-all” route when it comes to accessorizing your outfits. The only problem is that the more you swap out your bags, the more aggravating the whole process becomes, as you have to figure out what to do with the random assortment of items that seem to multiply of their own accord inside your bags.

With all of the sorting, discarding and putting things off to the side involved in transferring your items, it can be a very time-consuming affair. So how can you successfully and regularly swap everything out while managing to keep your sanity intact? Below are some helpful tips and ideas to make switching between bags and purses a breeze.

Take It All Out

When you’re faced with having to mine your current bag for the essential items to put into your next bag, there can be a temptation to just rummage around and only pull out what you believe you’ll need, leaving a trail of random items in various off-duty purses and bags. While this may be necessary for the occasional quick swap-out session during a super-busy week, over time it can turn into a real mess, as you’ll eventually have to clean those bags out; otherwise, you may end up having to buy duplicate items in a pinch. This can lead to a situation where you’re just not even sure what all you have, or where it all is.

It’s much better to do the hard work up front and completely remove everything from your bag at the time of transfer. Lay it all out on some type of flat surface where you can see it all, and take a moment to marvel at the power of accumulation. Then it’s time to do some sorting.

The Key is Compartmentalization (a.k.a., The “Bag Within a Bag” Concept)

Whether you’re talking about keys, pens, hand sanitizer, chewing gum, lipstick, your checkbook, earbuds, or your smartphone, everything that goes into your bag needs to have a little place where it lives, and where you can find it without too much hassle. If you’re somewhat organizationally challenged, this can be a tough transition, but it will eliminate a lot of stress and frustration you can experience when you’re trying to find something and it seems to have been swallowed up by your purse.

The best way to accomplish this is to adopt the “bag within a bag” concept, where you have at least one small zipper pouch, wristlet, or some other type of purse organizer to keep everything in its place. Ideally, this organizer should have flaps, zipper pockets, card holders, and other neat compartments that are designed to hold specific items such as smartphones, credit cards and the like. You may need to buy a couple of these pouches in varying sizes, and designate a role for each one (e.g., one for makeup, another for your phone and credit cards, etc.). Macy’s in Tri-County Mall has a ton of these types of handy organizers in a wide range of styles and prices, as you can see here.

Designate a Place for Everything

Make sure that you’ve assigned a place for everything, and then put everything in its place. While there will always be one or two items that just won’t seem to fit into any of your pouches, you can take care of the bulk of the items in your purse using this simple solution. So when it comes time to swap out a bag, you can simply pull out your pouches, extract the one or two additional loose items, and make the switch without a hitch.