Unexpected Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Bring a Smile to Her Face

Unexpected Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the all-important occasion where you celebrate the awesomeness of the woman who brought you into this world. With all of the time, care, and sacrifice that Mom has invested into helping you become who you are today, it only makes sense to show her a little appreciation by giving her a memorable gift While you could go the traditional route by giving her a nice bouquet of flowers or taking her out to dinner, why not go for something a little different this year? Below are some excellent ideas for unexpected Mother’s Day gifts that will bring a smile to her face.

A Juicer/Blender with Recipe Book

She took care of you for years, but it’s just as important for Mom to take care of herself. Get her a nice juicer or blender (you can find a great selection at Macy’s), and include a recipe book for various nutritious juice drinks and/or smoothies. She’ll have a great time experimenting with different healthy juice concoctions, and more than likely she’ll create a few signature smoothies of her own.

An E-Reader

If your mom loves to read, why not introduce her to some easy-to-use tech by giving her an e-reader? It can be a handy travel companion, and she can enjoy reading her favorite page-turners in a refreshingly new format. Even if your mom claims to be somewhat “technologically challenged,” most e-readers are generously intuitive, so she’ll more than likely catch on pretty quickly.

Her Ancestry

Give Mom the gift of her heritage. Being able to trace her family lineage several generations back will be a gift not only to her, but to your whole family. Services such as Ancestry.com can provide all kinds of important information such as census data, military records, surname meanings, etc., to give Mom a better picture of her family tree. Another option is to have her do a DNA test through a service such as Genebase to help her discover who her ancestors were. You never know–you both might be part of an ancient royal line!

A Digital Photo Frame

If you can manage to sneak some of her old family photos away long enough to scan and digitize them, you can purchase a digital photo frame that will put a montage of her favorite family pics on display in a creative and fun-to-watch format. While you’re at it, add a few current images into the mix, possibly including a selfie or two for good measure.

A Day at the Spa

What mom doesn’t need a little R&R every now and then? Give Mom the full spa treatment including a body massage, facial and mani/pedi to top it all off. A great place to keep in mind for this purpose is the Salon & Spa at Macy’s, located at Tri-County Mall.

Taking the time to put a little extra thought into your Mother’s Day gift can leave a lasting impression on your number-one fan. Keep the above ideas in mind to make this Mother’s Day one that she will remember for years to come.