Youth Escort Program FAQ’s

Q: Why are you implementing this program?
Q: Did you decide to implement this program because of previous incidents at the mall?
Q: How will you ensure your policy is implemented uniformly and fairly?
Q: What training are you implementing to ensure that you treat all shoppers equally and fairly?
Q: What does that training entail?
Q: Don’t you feel this is a bit extreme?
Q: Why don’t you want youth in your mall…isn’t their money good enough?
Q: What are you trying to accomplish with this policy?
Q: Isn’t it true that only a small percentage of youth are causing any trouble at the mall, so why punish all youth with your policy?
Q: What types of behavior were you seeing that forced you to implement this policy?
Q: Are there any other shopping centers implementing this or similar programs?
Q: Shouldn’t it be up to the parents of the youth to decide when their children can visit the mall and whether their behavior is appropriate?
Q: What impact do you think this policy will have on your retailers, especially those that cater to a young shopper?
Q: What right does Tri-County Mall have to implement this program?
Q: How much is this program going to cost?
Q: How do you expect teens to respond to this news?
Q: Do you expect to see a drop in sales?
Q: What has been the reaction of your tenants?
Q: What about the retailers that market to teens?
Q: Are you worried this may cause some teens to lash out at the mall?
Q: As a community gathering place why exclude certain people?
Q: How are you communicating this policy to youth in the community?
Q: What are youth able to use as ID?